• Andy Rawls

An Improved Bench Mallet

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

A good mallet is essential to handwork, in my 12 years of building furniture I've made three mallets for the shop two of which you see in the above picture. I prefer the look and action of a round mallet over a square head mallet. After two years of using the "good" mallet above, I've noticed a few issues in the design. First, the joinery is not strong enough, after several years of use the mallet head has started to move on the handle. I think the main reason for this is because there is no shoulder on the tenon joinery. Second, I find the mallet head to be a little underweight. I've improved the design by adding an extra 1/4" to the diameter of the head and using a housed shoulder on the mallet handle. If you're interested in making this mallet check out my shop drawings below and follow the link to a video showing how I made it. Overall dimensions are 11" long x 5.5" wide, the mallet head is 2.25" in diameter. The mortise size is .5" x 1". I used walnut for the mallet head and hickory for the handle

Thanks to an awesome fan for drawing these plans!

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