• Andy Rawls

My Go To Hand Plane...The Stanley 4 1/2

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

The Stanley 4 1/2 is my go to hand plane; so much so that I keep two ready to go at all times. I'll set up one with an open throat for heavy cutting and another with a tight throat for taking fine finishing cuts. Technically, this plane is designed for smoothing and would be used to prep parts for finish. Properly tuned, it leaves a surface superior to sandpaper; however, I find it useful for all kinds of furniture tasks. In the photo above, I'm using it to put chamfers on legs for a dining table. The top plane (light color handles) takes the heavy cuts and does the bulk of the work while the bottom plane (darker handles) takes the last few cuts and leaves a perfect finish. If I could recommend one plane, this would be the one. In fact, my first hand plane was the bottom plane in the above photo, which I bought it off eBay almost 15 years ago; I still use it almost every day in the shop. #goandmakeit #andyrawls #stanleyhandplane #stanleyfourandhalf #vintagehandplane #stanleytools #handplane


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