• Andy Rawls

The Cost of Restoring the Oliver Bandsaw.

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

I recently took on the challenge of restoring an Oliver 35 bandsaw. The saw was built in 1925 and needed a full restoration. To the left I've included a breakdown of the cost for the restoration. There were places where I did very well, like on my motor cost, and there were a few things that were way more expensive than expected, like the flatbelt. I also chose to splurge on a few items like the blade guides and VFD starter. I did not include my time invested but if I had to guess it was probably between 40 to 50 hours. To me there's really no use in trying to determine if it was fianaicnly worth the cost. If you're restoring old equipment, you're doing it for the enjoyment of the process and because you see a much higher value in American made solid cast iron machinery as opposed to many of the modern day machines, which are manufactured overseas with cheap parts. If you want my opinion, it was one hundred percent worth the cost and effort. The machine has performed beautifully since I put it back in service and I know I will use it for the rest of my furniture maker career and with any luck, my son Johnny may use it one day! If you're interested in seeing the restoration of this machine head over to my YouTube channel and find the playlist Oliver 36" restoration.


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